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Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd


Sensors & systems for freshwater and oceanographic monitoring Chelsea Technologies Group manufactures a range of innovative multi-parameter sensors & systems for monitoring the physical, optical & biological oceanographic & fresh water environments. Sensors are available for in-situ chlorophyll & algae class studies, dye tracing, oil spill monitoring, airport apron pollution runoff studies, water abstraction management and effluent detection as well as primary productivity studies, bloom detection, toxicant detection within domestic water supplies and early detection of contamination events in potable and pre-treated water protection. With nearly 50 years' experience in sensors and systems design, Chelsea's products are used in a diverse range of applications in the marine, environmental, defence, homeland security, industrial process control and life science markets. Contact Justin Dunning (sales@chelsea.co.uk, Tel: +44(0)20 8481 9000) today and let me him help you with your particular application.


Mr Justin Dunning
55 Central Avenue

West Molesey

Innovative fluorescence technique used to monitor effluent & related environmental parameters

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) will be holding a workshop at WWEM (7-8 November, Telford, UK) entitled "Innovative fluorescence technique used to monitor effluent & related environmental parameters".

Delegates will have an opportunity to learn more about CTG's new UviLux Effluent Monitor which enables in-situ real time reporting of levels of sewage and BOD within both natural water systems & water processing plants.

CTG will also be showcasing the FastGuard multi-wavelength Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer system for water intake protection and monitoring of phytoplankton photosynthesis. Applications include the assessment of primary production and environmental monitoring within reservoirs and rivers, toxicant detection & bloom prediction.

Also on display will be the low cost Lux family of miniature digital fluorometers optimized to monitor Chlorophyll a, Turbidity, Hydrocarbon, Gelbstoffe, Phycoerythrin Cyanobacteria, Phycocyanin Cyanobacteria and many tracer dyes including Rhodamine & Fluorescein.

If you cant wait until November to find out more, please contact us today jdunning@chelsea.co.uk or Ellen Keegan, Tel +44 (0)20 8481 9000

For more information on the Water, Waste Water & Environmental Monitoring Conference and Exhibition please visit - http://www.wwem.uk.com.
Learn more: http://www.chelsea.co.uk/environmental-news/292-chelsea- technologies-group-ctg-holding-workshop-on-innovative-fluorescence- technique-at-water-wastewater-and-environmental-monitoring-conference-7-8- november-2012-telford-uk

For further information please email Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd

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