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Sykes Pumps have over 160 years experience in advanced pumping and ground water control solutions. As market leaders, we excel in delivering flawless customer service time after time. With the fast pace of change in the water industry it is essential that any service provider has the knowledge, skills and capabilities to offer the best and most cost effective solutions. Continuous training of our specialist engineers ensures that they are able to meet the varied demands of our customers and we also ensure they are available to reach any destination in the UK, usually within 4 hours by offering a genuine 24/7 service. Our services vary from straightforward pump hires through to full project management including installation, commissioning and the running of complex temporary and permanent pump solutions. Sykes Pumps products are manufactured with the latest engines and motors, offering reduced fuel emissions and energy savings. If you require an immediate service due to an emergency our quick response team will be on hand to deliver pumps when you need them.


Mr Chris Graham
St David’s Court
Union Street
West Midlands

Sykes Pumps launches new super silenced, medium head pump

Continuing its investment in to the development of a range of super silenced pumps, Sykes Pumps, the pump hire specialist, has today launched its new MH150/100 Super Wispaset.

This Medium Head pump is aimed at specialist markets such as mines & quarries; the marine industry; power generation; petro-chemicals, refineries and construction. Applications include pressure testing, batching plant washing, emergency or temporary fire mains and any situation where high vertical and/or long discharge runs are required.

The new MH150/100 Super Wispaset raises the bar in terms of low-noise pumping without compromising on power, reliability and flexibility. Employing a 129kW Iveco engine, the unit is capable of heads up to 105m, with a maximum flow rate of 320m3/hr (or 89 l/s) and noise levels down to an average of 70 dBA at 7m. The pump is set to run at 1800 rpm which means that fuel costs can be lower and engine noise reduced. In fact, when operating at Best Efficiency Point, the fuel consumption is an economical 21 l/hr. Despite being aimed at applications where there is a low concentration of solids, the unit has a credible solids handling capacity of 20mm spherical.

Other key features:

  • Automatic control panel & optional Telemetry facilities - providing remote monitoring and management, which can highlight issues often before the user is aware. 
  • A broad curve producing high flows at most heads. 
  • Robust chassis for use in demanding environments and rugged terrains. 
  • Super silenced canopy with access to all areas for ease of maintenance. 

Chris Graham, Pump Development Director, Sykes Pumps said: "For a number of years now, we've made a very deliberate effort in bringing new pumps to the market that have a clear focus on sound attenuation, durability and fuel economy.

"It has been possible to develop this new Wispaset pump by understanding the very unique needs our clients have in extremely demanding industries and market sectors. Our new MH150/100 pumps ensure clients do not have to choose between productivity, efficiency and having an environmental conscience."

For more information visit Andrew Sykes

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