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Manufacture of on-line analysers suitable for measurement of water and waste-water. We manufacture analysers reporting parameters which include TOC (Total Organic Carbon), Ammonia (ammoniacal-nitrogen) and oil film detection. UK representative for WTW, DKK & HF Scientific, 3S, Realtech and Chemitec. The instrumentation covers single and multiple parameter measurement, on-line and field portable meters. Parameters include turbidity, MLSS, ammonium, phosphate, nitrate, pH, D0, conductivity, Oil on water, oil in water, UV absorption and UVT (UV transmission). We also specialise in providing turn key monitoring solutions for water and waste water analysis. These systems include back-panels, secondary enclosures and walk-in analyser kiosks (pre-installation of instrumentation, sample preparation, frost protection, lighting, electrical and sample distribution). Installations are supported by our team of service engineers providing technical support, routine and emergency call-out cover and chemical supply. - Waste water monitoring - Water measurement - Analytical measurement - Water quality instrumentation - TOC analyser - COD analysis - BOD analysis - Ammonia analyser - Nitrate analyser - Phosphate analyser - pH meter - Turbidity meter - DO meter - Conductivity meter - ORP meter - UV254nm measurement - Oil detection - Bes


Mr Steven Tuck
Bourne Enterprise Centre, Borough Green,

TN15 8DG

Pollution & Process Monitoring receives MCERTS award

Since PPM was founded in 1990, the Company and their products have systematically evolved to meet current commercial and technical demands. This journey culminated in the award of an MCERTS certificate which was formally presented by the Environment Agency during November 2006.

PPM has been successful both domestically in the UK and also internationally through an established distributor network. The Protoc(R) TOC technology has been extensively installed throughout industry covering a wide spectrum of applications. Many major international airports, chemical manufactures, food & beverage producers and water sector companies have installed the ProtocĀ® technology. During the last 15 years, not only has the product design undergone significant change but also the style of installation and the way in which the data is utilised is now very different.

Historically, the instrumentation was typically employed to continuously monitor the quality of effluents which enabled industry to demonstrate compliance to imposed discharge consents.

With the introduction of IPC and more recently IPPC legislation, the need to minimise waste and meet continual improvement targets has underpinned the importance of the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) measurement. For many industries operating under an IPC permit, "self monitoring" has been encouraged by the regulator. Continuous TOC measurement has been specified to monitor water quality for organic load whilst COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is only intermittently performed on discrete samples.

The most recent legislation appears to have recognised the importance of the TOC parameter and how powerful the measurement can be as a process management tool.

However it is worth noting that whilst some TOC analysers provide intermittent analysis reporting every 10-15 minutes, the Protoc(R) TOC technology is truly continuously with a response time from 3 minutes. Consequently, "point source emissions" can be identified in real time and process failures can be proactively managed.

Consequently, many users have also selected additional locations "within process" to monitor unbalanced effluents at individual drain positions. The instruments have been able to identify valves letting by, spillages on process lines and when neat product release to drain. All of these events can seriously threaten the effluent treatment system's capability to remove organic load also affecting the site's ability to meet stringent discharge consents.

The installation of real-time monitoring can ultimately provide the operator with a much more comprehensive understanding of the process. Data generated simply by analysing discrete or composite samples alone can distort the true picture by averaging out seriously impacting events.

With the increasing reliance on data generated from on-line instrumentation, the validity of data generated has therefore become critically important. In recognition the EA has introduced the MCERTS stamp of approval to allow industry to select instrumentation deemed as "fit for purpose". The rigorous MCERTS evaluation process includes a manufacturing audit to assess the robustness of the QA procedures as well as laboratory and field testing of the instrument and any associated sample preparation systems.

The Protoc(R) 300 TOC model was the very first on-line water quality analyser that has been accredited to meet the stringent requirements of this certification process.

The Protoc(R) 300 model was selected for assessment since the design includes automatic cleaning and calibration which optimise the instrument's performance and enables self auditing. Industry regulated under IPPC legislation must demonstrate the application of the best available technology and the Protoc(R) 300 model has fulfilled these requirements.

PPM's ability as a system integrator to provide a complementary range of instrumentation as an engineered package including sample acquisition and preparation should also assure future success for the more demanding industrial sector. The ability to recognise difficult application considerations and engineer a viable monitoring solution is fundamental to the current market needs. This is further supported by an installation, commissioning and after sales / service support service which can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

For further applications stories for a range of different industries please consult our Web site at www.pollution-ppm.co.uk or contact: Steven Tuck at Pollution and Process Monitoring (01732 882044) or by e-mail at s.tuck@pollution-ppm.co.uk

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