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WATER AND EFFLUENT MONITORING SYSTEMS Envitech Ltd supplies products for on-line and in-situ monitoring as well as sampling and flow measurement. Monitoring of industrial effluent, sewage , rivers , marine and potable waters as well as the control and optimisation of industrial processes and effluent treatment systems are catered for. Envitech are UK distributors for Isco , Isco-Stip, BBE and Challenge. Process on-line monitoring and control Isco-STIP instruments are designed for the on-line monitoring of municipal and trade effluents for BOD, COD, TOC, ammonia, phosphates, nitrates and Toxicity. Systems have a measurement response time of 3-15 minutes and can recall and graph up to 14 days' historical data. Applikon titrolysers, ion-analysers, process colorimeters and process analysers use wet chemistry technologies for industrial process and water quality analysis applications. Systems are able to run up to eight analyses simultaneously and also can be tailored to a users laboratory methodology. Toxicity measurement based on immobilised bacteria, algal activity and daphnia behaviour are offered as true on-line monitors. In-situ process monitoring and control Isco-Stip also manufacture a range of in-situ monitors for the nutrient parameters ammonia and nitrate, with phosphate also recently available.. Sample delivery pumps, pipework and cabins are not required which reduces installation and operating costs significantly.


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Hassle free DO measurement!

At last there is a revolutionary new instrument for measurement of dissolved oxygen in wastewater and environmental applications. No longer do you have to worry about broken membranes, or time consuming calibrations and electrode refurbishments. Fluorescent light based sensors remove all these difficulties previously associated with the conventional cell technologies.

The InsiteIG range of instruments, available from Envitech Ltd., include fixed site or portable models for Dissolved oxygen and Suspended solids. Dual channel models are available, as is logging facility on the portable devices.

Features include:

  • No replacement parts
  • No routine calibration
  • No flow across the sensor required
  • Very high accuracy at low DO levels
  • Sensor can be transported dry
  • Sensor can be exposed to ambient light without degradation
  • Resistant to fouling
  • Performs well in harsh environments
  • Principle of Operation:
    An emitter transmits light, at ~475 nm, to the back face of a sensing element. The front wetted face of the sensing element consists of a thin layer of a hydrophobic sol-gel material, within which is trapped a Ruthenium complex effectively immobilizing and protecting the active material from the aqueous phase. The light from the LED excites the ruthenium complex immobilized in the sensing element, forcing outer electrons into a higher energy state. These electrons then fall back into their original orbit and in so doing emit energy in the form of light at ~ 600nm, i.e. it fluoresces. If the excited ruthenium complex encounters an oxygen molecule, the excess energy is transferred to the oxygen molecule in a non-radiative transfer, thus decreasing or quenching the fluorescence signal. The degree of quenching correlates to the level of oxygen concentration in contact with the sensing element. Importance for the user:

    Although the principle sounds complex the practise is simplicity itself! Installation merely requires insertion of the probe in the liquor, connection of a power supply and then switching on& you dont even need to do an initial calibration! The unit is virtually maintenance free, merely needing a wipe from time to time, depending on its location. Routine calibration is not required, with a simple check once or twice a year. No replacement parts or chemicals are needed. What you buy on day one is all you need for essentially the life of the instrument. Start your journey to trouble free DO measurement, contact us now to arrange a demo or free trial.

    For further information please email Envitech Ltd

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