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Wastewater charges - Representative or Unrepresentative?

Wastewater sampling that can deliver financial savings on effluent discharge and improve processing is still being overlooked by a significant proportion of the manufacturing industry - according to Aquamatic.

Whilst recognising that good relationships do exist between the water companies (who set tariffs) and the industrial sector, Aquamatic claim that many manufacturers should at minimum, review what it is costing them. Those who rely solely on having samples taken from them need to ask about the wastewater that they are being charged for: 'Is it truly representative- or is it unrepresentative?'

"Water companies aren't trying to rip anyone off", stressed Aquamatic's managing director Peter Smith, "But a single, almost snapshot sample upon which bills are calculated, cannot possibly tell the whole story".

He added: "It seems ludicrous to keep shelling out on large effluent bills based on a sample perhaps taken at a peak processing time, when in all likelihood, there are also lengthy periods when little or nothing is entering the local sewer network".

The simple answer, claims Smith, is for manufacturers to take their own samples. He acknowledges that some already do, but if carried out only infrequently, the same unrepresentative answer may occur. Whereas, automatic equipment, which can take samples every hour if necessary, can be used as proof of discharge content when settling bills, and sometimes detect faults in a manufacturing process whereby valuable product is inadvertently discharged.

According to the leading UK-based sampler producer, there is a misconception by some companies that the introduction of a wastewater-sampling regime will require a considerable amount of labour and record keeping. However, Aquamatic state that just because samples may be taken every day, they do not always have to be analysed. Furthermore, there is labour saving equipment available that will ensure that samples of a previous day's effluent can easily be provided.

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