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Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd


Services and Products * Oil/chemical Sorbents * Fabric, Booms etc. * Mop and Mechanical oil skimmers for permanent (industrial oil/water separators,interceptors, settlement ponds and lagoons) installations. * Emergency Spill Response - Inland, Estuarine, shoreline and open sea. New developments include : Tank cleaning and sludge (oil recovery) treatment and wasted energy flare stack control systems


Mr James IIsley
OPEC House

Martin Street, Birstall, Batley
WF17 9PJ

OPEC Oil Adsorbent Pads And Rolls

Re-Launch Of Rp18 The Uk's No.1 Oil Adsorbent

OPEC has been manufacturing RP18 oil adsorbents in the UK since the 1980's. With the demise of much of the textile industry over the years in England, OPEC is pleased to announce the re-launch of the new and improved RP18 oil adsorbent made in West Yorkshire.

Unlike other sorbent products RP18's high quality design and construction means it is totally re-useable up to 10 times before disposal, can be used as a filter and is manufactured in perforated rolls to combine the use of a roll and a pad all in one.

RP18 in use for emergency oil spills

RP18 is the main component of OPEC's 'Tricky Track' system - the low cost alternative for dealing with oil spills and drips on train tracks.

RP18 is a great filter for final polishing of effluent water prior to discharge

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