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Gasmet Technologies (UK)Ltd


Supplier of environmental testing and monitoring instruments including gas detectors, FTIR analysers and monitors for occupational hygiene, health & safety and laboratory analysis. Application areas include MCERTS Stack Emissions, CEMS, Stack Particulate Emissions, VOC Emissions, Ambient Air Pollution, PM10 & PM2.5,Automotive Engine Exhausts,Greenhouse Gas Emissions,Process Monitoring,Gas Purity,Occupational Hygiene,Semiconductor Wafer Fab,Soil & Water Testing, Analyser Calibration,Air & Hydrogen Supply and Heated sample lines. Total VOC's, Speciated VOC's, Combustion gases, Acid Gases, Ammonia, Halogens, Dioxins, Freons & Halons, Workplace Gases & Vapours, Speciated Trace VOC's, Particulate Sampling, Trace Gas Impurities, Oil in Water & Soil, Lower Explosive Limits and Cleanroom contaminants. Quantitech is a subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies, a world leading manufacturer of portable and fixed FTIR analysers. Quantitech's success is built on the quality of its products coupled with outstanding levels of service.


Woolleys Farm, Welford Road

Take the Lab to the Sample!

QUANTITECH has launched a transportable version of the Teledyne Leeman Labs Prodigy ICP Spectrometer which has been developed to enable high quality laboratory analysis in the field.

Explaining the potential for this equipment, Quantitech's Dr Gareth Pearson says: "Land remediation activities often depend on the availability of fast, accurate test data because, in addition to regulatory requirements, analytical results can inform on-site decisions to determine whether contaminated material should be treated or removed for disposal. However, laboratory results can incur costly delays so an ICP that can be safely transported makes faster onsite analysis possible."

The Prodigy Mobile Lab (PML): Transportable Simultaneous ICP Spectrometer has been designed specifically for vehicle or ship based laboratories and also for safe long-distance transportation. It has a number of advanced features for providing high performance real-time analysis, accelerating data collection and reducing costs by performing analysis directly at the research site or pollution source.

Dr Pearson explains: “The PML is unique because it is the only ICP Spectrometer designed to withstand the rigours of transportation. Engineers at Teledyne Leeman Labs worked closely with truck and trailer manufacturers so that the unit’s integral suspension system works in conjunction with the parent vehicle’s suspension, isolating the unit from potential shock hazards.”

A recent order for a PML has enabled one Quantitech client to offer geological sample analysis worldwide, providing fast laboratory results irrespective of location.

Able to measure 70 elements in less than one minute, the Mobile Prodigy’s superior analytical performance is achieved by the high dispersion Echelle optical system coupled with the largest solid-state detector on the market. The result is continuous wavelength coverage from 165 to 1100 nm combined with high resolution for interference free analysis and simultaneous measurement of peak and background intensities.

Further information is available from the Quantitech web site www.quantitech.co.uk .

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