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Gasmet Technologies (UK)Ltd


Supplier of environmental testing and monitoring instruments including gas detectors, FTIR analysers and monitors for occupational hygiene, health & safety and laboratory analysis. Application areas include MCERTS Stack Emissions, CEMS, Stack Particulate Emissions, VOC Emissions, Ambient Air Pollution, PM10 & PM2.5,Automotive Engine Exhausts,Greenhouse Gas Emissions,Process Monitoring,Gas Purity,Occupational Hygiene,Semiconductor Wafer Fab,Soil & Water Testing, Analyser Calibration,Air & Hydrogen Supply and Heated sample lines. Total VOC's, Speciated VOC's, Combustion gases, Acid Gases, Ammonia, Halogens, Dioxins, Freons & Halons, Workplace Gases & Vapours, Speciated Trace VOC's, Particulate Sampling, Trace Gas Impurities, Oil in Water & Soil, Lower Explosive Limits and Cleanroom contaminants. Quantitech is a subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies, a world leading manufacturer of portable and fixed FTIR analysers. Quantitech's success is built on the quality of its products coupled with outstanding levels of service.


Woolleys Farm, Welford Road

Portable MCERTS FID Can Be Rented

The Bernath Model 3006 FID analyser, manufactured by Sick Maihak in Germany and distributed in the UK by Quantitech Ltd of Milton Keynes, is currently the only portable FID to be awarded MCERTS certification for Total Organic Carbon emission measurements. It is also the only portable FID instrument with MCERTS that can be rented, through Quantitech's EnviroRental Service, providing the perfect solution for users who have a short-term monitoring requirement, but need the assurance that comes from using a certified measuring system.

This instrument will be ideal in situations where measurements have to be taken at multiple locations, for Test Houseas and for multi-site companies.

The Bernath 3006 can be used to measure cold, hot, corrosive or condensable gases (including steam), so it will handle most TOC monitoring applications, and with measuring ranges from 0-1ppm to 0-10%volume fully exploits the wide dynamic range of the FID principle. The certification covers concentrations from 0 to 15 mg/m3, is valid for waste incineration and large combustion plant and also covers the emission control of chlorinated solvents, like the tetrachloroethylene used in dry cleaning. The 3006 is completely self-contained, with its own combustion gas (Hydrogen) and air supplies, sufficient for 170 hours of continuous operation and giving the opportunity for semi-continuous monitoring applications.

Contact Evelyn Ridout at Quantitech Ltd (01908 227722) for more information on renting the Bernath 3006, or visit www.quantitech.co.uk. For those wishing to purchase, attractive "try before you buy" offers are available.

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