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Gasmet Technologies (UK)Ltd


Supplier of environmental testing and monitoring instruments including gas detectors, FTIR analysers and monitors for occupational hygiene, health & safety and laboratory analysis. Application areas include MCERTS Stack Emissions, CEMS, Stack Particulate Emissions, VOC Emissions, Ambient Air Pollution, PM10 & PM2.5,Automotive Engine Exhausts,Greenhouse Gas Emissions,Process Monitoring,Gas Purity,Occupational Hygiene,Semiconductor Wafer Fab,Soil & Water Testing, Analyser Calibration,Air & Hydrogen Supply and Heated sample lines. Total VOC's, Speciated VOC's, Combustion gases, Acid Gases, Ammonia, Halogens, Dioxins, Freons & Halons, Workplace Gases & Vapours, Speciated Trace VOC's, Particulate Sampling, Trace Gas Impurities, Oil in Water & Soil, Lower Explosive Limits and Cleanroom contaminants. Quantitech is a subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies, a world leading manufacturer of portable and fixed FTIR analysers. Quantitech's success is built on the quality of its products coupled with outstanding levels of service.


Woolleys Farm, Welford Road

Infracal Oil/Grease Analyser from Wilks Enterprise Inc.

Infracal is a small, inexpensive portable Oil/Grease Analyser, based on a microprocessor controlled infrared filtometer, that accurately measures oil/grease in water, solids or sludges. Results are shown directly on an LED display in parts per million (ppm) or mg/l, with a typical analysis time of less than 30 seconds per sample. The instrument is extremely compact, weighs less than 5lbs, operates from a 12 volt DC power supply, which enables it to be run from a car battery, and has no moving parts to require adjustment or alignment. It is ideally suited for use in remote locations such as oil rigs or wastewater treatment plants. The rugged design renders the instrument insensitive to vibration or changes in temperature and humidity.

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