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Cleansing Service Group is the first name in waste management. Our friendly service is both professional and tailored to your needs. It's backed by over 80 years' experience, outstanding technical knowledge and state-of-the-art resources. We provide safe and efficient collection, removal, treatment, disposal and maintenance services for organisations throughout the UK. As waste solution specialists, CSG offers a complete variety of services ranging from collection to the final disposal of countless waste streams. From emptying thousands of septic tanks and cesspits to a wide range of industrial, forecourt and interceptor services; our portfolio of waste services are second to none. We offer a fast, friendly and professional service for our domestic customers who depend on our septic tank and cesspit emptying service, require a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan, or help with a blocked system. Our breadth of services is vast and provides cost-effective solutions for liquid waste, hazardous waste, industrial cleaning and jetting, tank cleaning, general waste and recycling, emergency and spill response, forecourt services, drainage and gully services, agricultural services and total waste management. For more information please visit our website: http://www.csg.co.uk


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Cost-cutting exposes oily-waste industries to environmental fines

Neglect of simple site maintenance could leave many businesses such as logistics firms and plant hire operations open to unlimited environmental penalties, warns waste solution specialist Cleansing Service Group.

Cost-cutting exercises have led some firms to overlook jobs such as emptying oily water interceptors. The oily run-off from procedures such as refuelling or washing down vehicles is classified as hazardous waste and firms have a Duty of Care to minimise the risk of it polluting surrounding land, watercourses or sewage treatment works.

Failure to maintain interceptors on a regular basis significantly increases the risk of overflow, and can be classed as negligence if environmental contamination occurs.

CSG's Environmental Consultant, Ian Carnell, cautions site managers to avoid an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude to their interceptors: "Pollution from hazardous waste is a serious offence, even if it happens accidentally. The 'polluter pays' principle means it can lead to significant repercussions for the responsible party, as well as for the environment. Besides facing financial penalties and remediation costs, there is the risk of long-term brand damage caused by any negative publicity."

Routine clearance of gullies around facilities is another area that CSG has seen neglected as firms seek to reduce their outgoings. Carnell advises that this is a classic case of false economy, as the damage and disruption caused by flooding due to blocked gullies can lead to reduced productivity and costly clean-up operations.

"All businesses need to make cutbacks where they can at the moment," Carnell concedes. "However, it is essential not to lose sight of the bigger picture. Disregarding site maintenance might save a few pounds in the short term, but interceptor overflow or flooding caused by blocked gullies could wreak havoc with business operations in the future."

CSG has established an emergency hotline service to provide a swift response to liquid waste spills or flooding. Firms can register for the service free of charge at: http://www.csg.co.uk/cms/uploads/Emergency%20Hotline%20Registration.pdf

For further information please email Cleansing Service Group

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