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Christ Kennicott Water Technology Ltd


The Christ Water Technology Group is among the leading suppliers of customised solutions in process plant construction and in the services sector in the field of pure and ultrapure water production, drinking water production and the treatment of wastewater.


Mr Chris Burleigh
Kennicott House Well Lane
West Midlands
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The Global innovation that is AQA® total

Only softening stands between the heating coil on the left and the heating coil on the right.

The answer to the above question has historically been YES. Now however there is an alternative. The BWT Group of Companies is one of Europe's largest manufactures and distributors of water treatment equipment including traditional water softeners. We recognised that through the use of softened water, thousands of tonnes of salt and millions of litres of water are being used in the regeneration process, to protect water heaters, boilers and the associated pipework. As more energy efficient boilers and water heaters are being developed, the medium they heat, water, has been ignored. (Just 1.6mm of scale build-up in heating systems will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency.)

The Global innovation that is AQA® total, with proven results, can help.

The need for this technology has arrived and it offers possibly the only NON-chemical water treatment system with recurrent and scientifically verifiable results, (Over 60,000 units are already installed across Europe) that work in even the hardest of waters. Tests have been carried out on over 160 types of water, with hardness ranging up to 712 mg/l.

Proven Technology

AQA® total has proven itself to be a reliable limescale protection device that requires NO salt and NO chemicals. Along with its low energy consumption, (0.055 kWh/m3) AQA® total has both ecological and economical benefits.

AQA® total has passed stringent European water quality standards, which include the DVGW-W512 guidelines. The test method was developed for "The evaluation of the efficiency of water treatment installations for reducing limescale build-up."

The unit has also been independently tested in the United States by Spectrum Labs Inc. Published test results conclude, "There was 99% less hardness scale in the treated chamber than what was detected in the untreated chamber."

How does it work?

AQA® total is a unique design concept that is based on electrostatic forces resulting from a low voltage applied across a set of electrodes (low current, < 1 amp). To maximise the surface area and enhance the electrostatic field (by minimising the distance between anode and cathode) a specialised conductive cartridge (IQ®) is filled with non-conductive and conductive spheres in an alternating pattern. As voltage is applied to the primary electrodes, the spheres in turn have a bipolar charge induced (one side positive and the other side negative) on their surfaces. The calcium and magnesium ions migrate to the negative surface and the carbonates and sulphates migrate towards the positive surface. This electrostatic field induced diffusion results in a localised concentration gradient around the conductive sphere. An increase in one reactant will cause the reaction to progress in the direction that tends to minimise the increase. (Increase in probability of precipitation)

In addition to the unique IQ® cartridge, further innovations come in the form of voltage control. By monitoring the flow rate and electrical impedance, the controller reverses the polarity of the electrodes, (approximately 6 times per second) to prevent the nanocrystals from growing to large, to prevent colloid suspension. This reversal of the polarity causes a movement reversal of the ions in solution, resulting in increased probability of collision and additional colloidal particles.

The Solution

AQA® total

· Guaranteed protection against limescale build-up, without the need for chemicals or salt, with temperatures not exceeding 80ºC.
· Over 10 years in development with a comprehensive series of testing - over 160 different types of feed water.
· Economical - low running costs.
· Ecological - no effluent discharge. Even the cartridges are refurbished.
· Virtually Maintenance Free. Only the cartridge requires changing (approximately once every 3 years).
· Potable Water remains the same. Nothing added and nothing taken away.
· Flow rates up to 14,000 l/hr as stand alone units.

For more information, please contact:-

e mail: - bwt@christwt.co.uk
Telephone: - 0870 2409241

For further information please email Christ Kennicott Water Technology Ltd

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