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Design and Supply Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Systems; Dealkalisers, Demineralisers, Water Softeners, Nitrate Removal, Reverse Osmosis, Filters, Media Filtration, Thermal Deaeration, Chemical Dosing, Membrane Filtration, Clarification, Activated Carbon, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Activated Sludge, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Fixed Film Biological Reactors, High Rate Clarification, Tertiary Treatment Systems, Waste Sludge Concentrators, Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Ejectors, Pumping Stations, Resins, Membranes, Operation and Maintenance, UK Agents for Silhorko-Eurowater A/S. OFWAT Licenced Water Provide


Mr G Davies
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SATEC: Introducing a new approach in energy metering and power quality monitoring.

Monitoring the consumption is an essential tool in cost allocation and energy saving. It is widely used throughout industrial and commercial facilities. The common practice includes power meters to measure the energy consumption (expressed in kWh), as well as standard parameters such as voltage levels and currents.

At the same time Power Quality monitoring, which means any interruptions or mishaps in the supply of power is not overlooked, has become more and more important throughout recent years. Both types of metering and monitoring are paramount for stable and reliable work of modern electronic equipment. However, while power and energy metering has been routine within industry, Power Quality (PQ) is still considered to be expensive and sophisticated for ordinary use at facilities, since power quality analyzer can be up to tenfold or even more expensive than power meter. At this point, many energy consumers have had an expensive site survey conducted to locate the problem, only when it occurs. Unfortunately, this is time consuming, costly and furthermore it necessitates waiting for the next Power Quality incident to reoccur, while the best option would be not to deal with consequences of PQ issue but to prevent any at an early stage.

The importance of constant PQ monitoring is illustrated by the fact that according to Leonardo Energy organization research in 2008 the annual damages in the European Union from power quality phenomenon is over €150 Billion.

SATEC Ltd., has been a pioneer in the field of digital power monitoring since 1987 and continue to develop technological leadership by introducing new approach in metering - offering a range of meters, which combines PQ analysis features with the price of an ordinary power meter. This new approach is being most promising as it enables energy consumers to monitor the power quality across the facility without increasing their energy and power-monitoring budget. By doing this, if there is a Power Quality issue inside the facility, it could be easily analyzed and solved.

At NEMEX 2015 exhibition, HITEC Exports Ltd., United Kingdom representative of SATEC will present EM133, PM130EH and PM135EH meters used for both energy metering and power quality monitoring. In addition to over hundred standard power parameters, these meters allow PQ parameters monitoring such as level of harmonics (both voltage and current, total and individual), voltage sags, swells, imbalance, interruptions, frequency deviations and voltage changes. A recent publication showed how these power meters can be used to monitor almost all common power quality parameters, and particularly voltage sags and harmonics, which are the two most damaging parameters to the operation and reliability of electrical network across the universe.
Meters have 16 programmable set points, which are used to set PQ events recording together with additional tasks such as peak shaving, reverse energy flow protection, alarming and more. It is possible due to the unique design that allows cycle-to-cycle measurement and real-time programmable DI/DO logic. Special PAS software, which is free of charge is used for settings, data logging and monitoring net parameters. Moreover, the possibility to adapt SATEC meters to particular demands and requirements of energy consumer is virtually endless having about 30 different types of expansion modules with analog and digital inputs/outputs, communication including TCP/IP and GSM modem, variety of protocols (Modbus, DNP 3.0, ASCII, Profibus DP, IEC 60870 etc.) available.
Along with enhanced power meters, top end products such as the EM 720 are available. They combine the optionality of High Performance Revenue Meters (0.05% measurements and 0.02S accuracy class according to IEC 62053-22/ANSI C12.20) with cutting edge PQ analysis of IEC61000-4-30 Class A, providing statistics and reports according to EN 50160 and P5/4.

We believe that SATEC meters demonstrated by HITEC Exports Ltd. at the NEMEX April 2015 exhibition (stand N J1) will highlight to the energy industry within the United Kingdom what a significant contribution they can make to European Smart Energy development.

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