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Forbes Technologies Limited


Since pioneering the application of engineering plastics in the late 50s, Forbes Group has served the major companies in virtually every field of industrial activity. Not only are Forbes products in daily use at almost every significant enterprise in the UK, they have been exported around the world to locations as widespread as Arctic Russia, the Arabian Gulf, Korea, West Africa and China to name but a few. Our five purpose built manufacturing areas are dedicated to plastics manufacture and fabrication, predominantly plastic tanks and environmental technologies such as wet scrubbers, bulk tank vent scrubbers and a range of tank accessories, such as ladders and walkways, these manufactured mainly in carbon steels and stainless steels. The requirement for Forbes products are far reaching, and our large client base covers most industries including chemicals, water & waste treatment, environmental, oil & gas, dairy & food, beverages, pharmaceutical, electronics and energy. Products handled are as diverse as sodium hydroxide, beer, baby lotion, vinegar and hydrochloric acid. We strive towards continual company improvement and aspire to provide standards of excellence, efficiency and service that make Forbes a comfortable organisation to deal with.


Mr Melvyn Jupp
New Road Crimplesham

Kings Lynn
PE33 9AS

INNATANK™ - A Revolution For The Safe Storage of Hazardous Liquids

The safe storage of hazardous liquids is a perennial challenge facing the water treatment and chemical processing industries - but things could be about to change thanks to a ground-breaking innovation by leading British tank producer Forbes Technologies Ltd.

Following an investment of over £1.7 million at their main manufacturing plant located in the Borders of Scotland at Kelso, Forbes has developed Innatank™. This complete self bunded tank system cleverly combines a chemical storage tank and integral bund within the same structure.

Put more simply, it can be described as a 'tank within a tank'.

Based on German experience, Innatank™ neatly addresses that trio of industry headaches; safety, space and ongoing maintenance requirements.

The new product is produced on the latest automated equipment which gives a seam free cylinder. Specifically designed to protect the environment & personnel from leakage or overfilling of chemical tanks, Innatank™ includes an integral, continual leak monitoring system, thus improving safety further. At the same time inspection requirements are dramatically reduced saving on ongoing operational costs.

Being a self bunded tank, Innatank™ does not require any other type of bunding, and can be bolted onto a flat plinth, a task which can be undertaken on delivery. This offers huge cost savings over civil or separate plastic bunding systems.

Meanwhile, the totally sealed bunding system has been designed to prevent ingress of rainwater or any risk of the floatation which is seen with separate bund & tanks systems.

With capacities up to 80 cubic metres, each tank system is manufactured in PE100 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Copolymer Polypropylene using the latest helical winding process and conforms to DVS 2205 & BS EN 12573.

"This latest exciting development is another major step forward in meeting the demands of our already well-established markets. The company is in a fortunate position in being able to invest in R & D to bring this highly cost effective storage solution to market." stated Managing Director, Melvyn Jupp.

"With our latest automated equipment, high quality tanks at very competitive costs makes our unique Innatank™ very attractive".

Sales contact: Melvyn Jupp +44 (0) 1366 389640 mjupp@forbesgroup.co.uk
Press contact : Lee Forbes +44 (0)1366 386625 lforbes@forbesgroup.co.uk

For further information please email Forbes Technologies Limited

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