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AAC Eurovent provide market leading Odour Control and VOC Reduction solutions for Wastewater & Sewage Treatment applications. Our robust range of Carbon Filter products can be found in Wastewater and Sewage Treatment facilities, across the UK and globally, where they deliver high efficiency removal of Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptan, Indoles and Skatoles. Our competitively priced, plastic refillable, Carbon Filters are designed for use with a range of AAC bespoke products including our Swiftpack Carbon Filter Housing and the AAC PV Passive Vent, which delivers a robust passive ventilation solution for tank venting applications. Our DFV Drum Filter range is designed to efficiently remove organic and inorganic odour such as Hydrogen Sulphide, Formaldehyde and Ammonia from air or gas streams, and our competitively priced Bulk Filters, Carbon Canisters, and Liquid Filter solutions remove a wide range of organic compounds in semi-static, emergency, or temporary operations. We also offer a competitively priced Activated Carbon Media Testing service, which includes the patented Colourcell Media Filter System, and a fast turnaround Carbon Filter Media Replacement and Media Disposal Service.


Mr Robin Elshout
AAC House,Unit K Maybrook Industrial Estate,Maybrook Road

West Midlands

AAC Eurovent Launch NO2 and Nox Mitigation Solution for Air Quality Management Areas

Air Pollution from Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and NOx has a major impact on the air quality in urban city environments.

In Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA`s) Developers and Consultants are under increasing pressure from planning departments to comply with the EU CAFÉ Directive 2008/50/EC for their new build projects. This legislation has created the momentum for high quality and effective solutions to assist in NO2 and NOx mitigation.

To enable Developers and Consultants to overcome the stringent planning conditions, AAC Eurovent have researched and developed the AAC NITROSORB® Media Filter System. This independently tested, dry chemical scrubbing media solution uses patented technology to efficiently remove low concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide and NOx at the levels typically found in city centres.

When used in conjunction with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System, the end user is provided with an important visual indication of the condition of the installed Nitrosorb® media and to when media replacement may be required.

The AAC NITROSORB® Media Filter System offers very low pressure drops which are compatible with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units, (MVHR's), typically 10Pa - 20Pa, and is available in standard and bespoke sizes.

Features and Benefits:
·Accepted by Planners as a proven AQMA mitigation measure
·Independently Tested
·Low Pressure Drop
·Compatible with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units (MVHR)
·Bespoke Design
·Low Cost Solution

Many Major House Builders and Consulting Engineers who are working on new build projects in Air Quality Management Areas ( AQMAs) are now specifying and installing the AAC Nitrosorb® Filter System as a proven effective mitigation measure for the removal of Nitrogen Dioxide.

To find out how the AAC Swiftpack® Nitrosorb® Filter System, and its role in Nitrogen Dioxide and Nox reduction, could help to get your new build project off the ground call 08444 77 4884 or CLICK HERE to send us an email.

For further information please email AAC Eurovent Ltd

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