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AAC Eurovent Ltd


AAC Eurovent provide market leading Odour Control and VOC Reduction solutions for Wastewater & Sewage Treatment applications. Our robust range of Carbon Filter products can be found in Wastewater and Sewage Treatment facilities, across the UK and globally, where they deliver high efficiency removal of Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptan, Indoles and Skatoles. Our competitively priced, plastic refillable, Carbon Filters are designed for use with a range of AAC bespoke products including our Swiftpack Carbon Filter Housing and the AAC PV Passive Vent, which delivers a robust passive ventilation solution for tank venting applications. Our DFV Drum Filter range is designed to efficiently remove organic and inorganic odour such as Hydrogen Sulphide, Formaldehyde and Ammonia from air or gas streams, and our competitively priced Bulk Filters, Carbon Canisters, and Liquid Filter solutions remove a wide range of organic compounds in semi-static, emergency, or temporary operations. We also offer a competitively priced Activated Carbon Media Testing service, which includes the patented Colourcell Media Filter System, and a fast turnaround Carbon Filter Media Replacement and Media Disposal Service.


Mr Robin Elshout
AAC House,Unit K Maybrook Industrial Estate,Maybrook Road

West Midlands

AAC Eurovent anticipate Brisk Business in Kitchen Odour Control

The recent announcement of the partnership deal between AAC Eurovent and Plasma Clean for the distribution of Xtract, the latest in the Plasma Clean range of environmentally friendly odour control products, has generated considerable interest from hotel chains and restaurants, catering equipment suppliers, commercial kitchen designers and ductwork specialists.

Xtract is a brand new odour control product, incorporating patented plasma technology. Specifically designed for controlling odour in commercial kitchen applications, it acts by releasing charged ions and ozone into the kitchen extract system, where it reacts to reduce kitchen odour, smoke and grease build up.

Plasma Clean's Managing Director, Dr. David Glover explained:
"The Plasma Clean Xtract is a brand new addition to the range of commercial kitchen odour control products available in the marketplace. Proven in independent trials, the system incorporates patented plasma technology, originally developed at the University of Manchester, which offers a low power alternative to existing odour control solutions. There are no chemical consumables involved, the system simply plugs into the mains electricity to provide a highly effective, low maintenance odour control solution. With catering establishments under increasing pressure from local councils to manage and control kitchen odour, this compact, lightweight, simple to install and affordable solution is guaranteed to be a winner"

AAC Eurovent has been manufacturing activated carbon filters and adsorption media and housings, from its base in the West Midlands for over 20 years. It has built an enviable reputation, for producing a range of high quality activated carbon products at competitive prices. With a strong focus on personal service, the company has an extensive client database, including some of the most prestigious companies in the UK. Plasma Clean Xtract is a welcome addition to the portfolio of products offered by AAC, which include the new range of Swiftpack® side access carbon filter modules and the AAC Colourcell® media filter system.

Robin Elshout, Managing Director of AAC Eurovent Ltd said, "We immediately saw synergy between our two companies, and believe that the Plasma Clean Xtract represents an exciting new addition to the range of odour control products available in the UK marketplace. It has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of fast food bars, pubs and restaurants, and will be of particular interest to the commercial kitchen, where odour control is important, but space is at a premium. The Xtract unit can be used alone, or in combination with conventional activated carbon filters to further eradicate kitchen cooking odours. The carbon filter downstream carries out a two stage benefit in both adsorbing residual odours and by catalytic reaction which destroys any residual ozone. This pairing of odour control technologies provides an excellent combination for lower level discharges, and has the additional benefit of helping to extend the life of the carbon filter system by precleaning the air. By using the Plasma Clean Xtract either as a stand alone unit or as a pre-cleaning device, substantial benefits of a low maintenance odour control system can be achieved. We anticipate business to be brisk over the coming months, as the Plasma Clean Xtract establishes itself as a major player in the battle against commercial kitchen odour"

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