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Enviro Technology Services Ltd


Enviro Technology Services Ltd is a world class supplier and leading UK exporter specialising in environmental monitoring instrumentation, turnkey environmental monitoring systems and networks. Environmental services offered include sales, rental and long term hire of emission (CEMS) and air quality (AQM), monitoring instrumentation and systems. On site service, maintenance and operation of both air quality and CEMS. On site and in house training courses are offered as a standard service or customised to meet customer requirements. Enviro Technology an ISO 9001 2015 company and is dedicated to quality, reliability and total customer satisfaction. Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAMS) Air quality analysers for the measurement of all of the major air quality pollutants, particulates and trace gasses. These include SO2, NOx, NO2, O3 and CO as well as volatile organic compounds (voc), other hydrocarbons, mercury and many other organic and inorganic compounds. Particulate PM10 / PM2.5 instruments measure continuously, using ether beta attenuation or teom analyser techniques.


Mr Duncan Mounsor
Kingfisher Business Park
London Road

'ET Dataweb' - The only solution for secure, reliable data collection

Air quality monitoring specialists, Enviro Technology, have announced the launch of ET DataWeb - an internet-based data collection system.

ET DataWeb is aimed at those customers, both local authority and private, who are looking for a cost-effective, reliable and, most importantly, secure form of data collection.

ET DataWeb allows customers to access data no matter where their analysers may be based. It also allows for faster data transfer compared with using traditional modem methods. The system can also utilise other web technology such as webcams and digital chart recorders.

Says Operations Director Duncan Mounsor: "Data collection using the traditional modem method has, in the past, been a bone of contention between our customers and their IT departments who saw the modem's attachment to the network as a security threat.

"We are constantly looking at ways to improve our offering to clients and firmly believe that this communication platform is the way forward. ET DataWeb works with any available software that uses a communication port. Installation is straightforward, the system can be up and running in less than an hour."

ET DataWeb allows a customer to connect to the remote station no matter what part of the world they may be in, at no extra cost and with no time limits.

Another key feature of the system is that, if a customer employs a service provider like Enviro Technology, then remote diagnostics testing is much easier and can be completed in speeds up to 100 x quicker than tradition al GSM or dial-up modems.

"By using ET DataWeb customers will see an instantaneous reduction in call charges associated with communicating with their stations, costs that can sometimes run into thousands of pounds. They will also not have to worry about SIM cards, which can and do get cut-off by the air-time providers from time to time".

"Customers already using the platform have been astounded at the way it has transformed their data collection abilities. We hope to add ET DataWeb to many more stations in the near future."

ET DataWeb is the perfect partner for Enviro Technology's content-managed AQ website www.airqualitydata.com. Data transfer from the system to the website is quick and easy and involves little, or no, user involvement. AQ results are available for internal, or public, analysis in minutes.

To arrange a demonstration please contact Stephen Hoskin on +44 (0) 1453 733200 or email stephen.hoskin@et.co.uk

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