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Energy solutions from Endress+Hauser Ltd Endress+Hauser supplies an extensive portfolio of measurement instrumentation, engineered solutions and ongoing consultancy for energy management systems and energy from waste applications. Energy management: Our solutions include all of the elements that make up an Energy Management Information System (EMIS). This includes a complete range of intelligent utility meters that can be WirelessHART-enabled for difficult-to-access areas linked to networked gateways and data loggers that support a variety of signal outputs and open protocols for automatic interval data collection and secure data storage. These feed the data collected into specialist software that provides simple, cost-effective data reporting and visualisation and is easily upgraded to a fully browser-based automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) solution. Finally, focused audits and consultancy identify and deliver process improvements. Energy from waste: Endress+Hauser supplies a wide range of measurement instruments to manufacturers of energy from waste systems such as anaerobic digesters, gasification plants and thermal treatment systems. These instruments accurately measure and record key process indicators such as temperature, level, pressure and flow resulting in the ability to optimise the energy recovery process.


Ms Lisa Rothwell
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M23 9NF

Complete energy management solutions from Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser's expertly engineered energy management solutions can help to improve energy efficiency and reduce utilities bills by up to 15%.

With the introduction of the new BS EN 16001 European Energy Management Standard and ISO 50001 International Energy Management Standard, more companies are looking to improve their energy efficiency and achieve recognised certification. Endress+Hauser addresses the issues at the heart of these standards: accurate monitoring and measurement of utilities use on-site and within individual processes, closely followed by data collection, energy analysis and reporting. From this, data can be consolidated into a complete Energy Management Information System (EMIS) for maximum energy and carbon savings and a quick return on investment!

Endress+Hauser's experts specialise in reducing energy costs on key equipment on-site such as boilers, compressors and chillers. Our solutions are simple, flexible and highly scalable, with the engineering capabilities to incorporate a wide variety of metering options, software systems and tools. Endress+Hauser has capabilities in each of the four components that make up an engineered EMIS:

  • Utility metering
  • With the widest range of intelligent utility meters available from a single supplier, Endress+Hauser has metering technologies for gas, steam, water, air and electricity, all of which can be WirelessHART-enabled for difficult-to-access areas.

  • Automatic interval data collection
  • Endress+Hauser's range of networked gateways and data loggers support a variety of signal outputs and open protocols, ensuring data is collected in real-time and stored securely.

  • Data analysis and reporting
  • For a simple, cost-effective solution, Endress+Hauser's new Field Data Manager (FDM) software provides interval consumption data reporting and visualisation. This system is easily upgraded to a fully browser-based automatic monitoring and targeting solution.

  • Audits and consultancy
  • Focused audits to identify and quantify opportunities to improve performance, along with consultancy to help deliver energy savings and process improvements.

A BS EN 16001 European Energy Management Standard solution has been installed at Endress+Hauser's UK headquarters in Manchester, successfully forming the backbone of the company's environmental plan.

For more information visit www.uk.endress.com/esight

For further information please email Endress+Hauser Ltd

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