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Cirrus Research plc


Products and Services * Hand held instrumentation for noise measurement and analysis for industry and environmental applictions. * Fixed installations for out door weather proof systems:- noise data collection and analysis for eg. airports, cities, quarry (open) and the MOD


Mr James Tingay
Acoustic House, Bridlington Road,

North Yorkshire
YO14 0PH

Cirrus unveil new range of Safety Officers' Noise Measurement Kits

Cirrus Research plc, the UK company which specialises in the design and development of noise measurement equipment for industry, has just introduced a new range of Safety Officers' Noise Measurement Kits.

Sophisticated, yet easy to operate, the kits are designed to be used by in-house health and safety officers to measure and record occupational (inside) and environmental (outside) noise. They are intended to help organisations meet their legal obligations with regard to noise safety, without the need to employ external consultants.

Each kit contains a sound level meter and three Cirrus 'doseBadge' personal noise dosemeters - small devices worn by individual members of staff to measure the noise they are exposed to during a typical working day. What distinguishes the five separate kits in the range is the specification of the sound level meter selected. As James Tingay, Cirrus Research explains...

"Which sound level monitor (and therefore which kit) customers need will depend on two things: what they want to record, be it noise in the workplace or noise levels at the perimeter fence, and how much data they need to store. We will help them to choose which is the right kit for their business and demonstrate how it can help them to meet the requirements of the 2005 Control of Noise at Work regulations."

He continued...

"In short these impose a statutory duty on organisations to identify noise hazards, estimate likely exposure to noise, identify measures required to eliminate and reduce risk, control noise exposure, protect employees and keep records. As a result unless your operation remains exactly the same throughout the course of a year, with no adaptations to processes or equipment used, it is unlikely that an annual check by external noise consultants will suffice. Priced from just £3500, our kits are designed to enable companies to be self-sufficient with regard to noise measurement, to keep within the letter of the law, to prevent claims for damages and avoid problems with neighbours."

As well as including everything needed for noise assessment, the new Safety Officers' Noise Measurement Kits are supplied with a new '2-12' year warranty. This provides an initial 24-month warranty which can be extended up to 12 years if the equipment is serviced and recalibrated by Cirrus every 12 months. Free backup and support, including license free software and updates, is provided with every Cirrus noise measurement product.

Cirrus Research plc has over 30 years experience of the design and manufacture of noise measurement instruments. During that time, the company has developed during that time a reputation for producing robust, practical equipment which can perform in real situations. All Cirrus equipment is made in the UK and the company is responsible for all after sales service and calibration work. Spare parts and support are therefore always available. In 1991 Cirrus Research plc was awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement, with noise measurement equipment exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

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