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TranSend integrated PDA and back office system is designed to plan, schedule and capture real time information on all waste collection and disposal jobs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible with better communication and co-ordination between drivers and office staff. This is achieved through integrating processes and information on waste data, jobs, driver activity, vehicle capacity, routes and tracking to help drive down costs in the waste management operation.


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Tardis Environmental centralise route planning and streamline job management with TranSend

Tardis Environmental UK has implemented TranSend integrated routing and ePOD for job management to streamline its wet waste collection and disposal operation. TranSend is used for building and optimising routes, recording job tickets and tracking the progress of routes and jobs in real time.

Tardis operates 60 vehicles covering wet waste collection, portable toilet hire, drainage services, water bowsers, waste tanks and road sweepers. They pride themselves on excellence in service and offer a nationwide service with a 24 hour call out.

To ensure that drivers carry out jobs correctly and to eliminate lost job tickets, Tardis needed a system to centralise route planning and scheduling and provide accurate, undisputed proof of job completion.
Centralised Route Management

Tardis previously used manual scheduling, with routes and job tickets being produced at each depot. This generated a high volume of paperwork for head office to handle without any visibility of routes and jobs in progress to be able to manage the operation as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Now a single, centralised team use TranSend for route planning and scheduling, reducing both the paperwork and the time involved in the planning process.

Katie Boyden, Hire Director at Tardis, has already seen real benefits from the TranSend implementation:
"We have seen an immediate benefit from centralising routing and scheduling. In fact we now have zero missing job tickets."

Using TranSend Dynamic Route Builder, jobs are automatically picked up from the MCS booking system and dragged on-screen to routes for the next day. Routes are then optimised using time and distance criteria.
Ad-hoc jobs can be added during the working day with updated route and job details pushed to the driver via their device.
As well as automating the job scheduling process, the central planning team now has real-time visibility of all vehicles, routes and jobs by status throughout the day.

Katie continues: "A massive benefit for us is being able to physically see exactly where the drivers are and what jobs they have done, including where they are making disposals on their routes".

Driver and Job Management

Tardis drivers use the TranSend app on Motorola TC55 Android devices with built-in scanners.

They download their allocated route for the day and then follow the prescribed process for collections and disposal, including any special instructions, such as signatures and photographic evidence. The app presents the driver with a checklist relevant to each particular job.

TranSend have worked with Tardis on defining the processes required to ensure that each job is carried out correctly and to provide the driver with specific instructions via system logic on the handheld device:
• If the tanker is full, the driver's device shows the nearest disposal options.
• If any part of the load includes 'commercial' waste collections, the system knows that the tanker needs to go to a specific disposal site to confirm with environmental legislation.
• At the point of disposal, the driver creates a 'tipper' job on the device, which stamps all collection job tickets on the load, identifying the disposal site, thereby providing a full trace of waste collections.

Katie explains: "We have been able create different processes, according to the type of job, to ensure that the driver carries out each job to our specified standards. With instant availability of a signature on job completion, we have accurate, real-time data to prove that jobs have been completed correctly."

To validate the legally compliant disposal of collected wet waste at suitably licensed facilities, waste transfer notes are automatically produced detailing all collection and disposal information, including signatures and time & date stamp.

Management Visibility

The TranSend solution provides Tardis with a web-based back office management portal for complete visibility of routes and jobs in progress. Using GPS tracking from the driver's handheld device, TranSend captures any events and exceptions that occur during the day and also manages driver compliance against their allocated route and jobs. They can see the driver's exact location and when jobs are completed, in real time.

"The system is easy to use for both drivers and the planning team and we have had fantastic support from the TranSend project and support teams," continues Katie. "Having an integrated route planning and job management from one supplier, who is a specialist in the waste water sector, means we have a single point of contact for software, hardware and support. We cannot fault them and look forward to rolling the system out to other areas of the business".

About Tardis Environmental
Based in Bloxwich, Walsall, with 5 depots, Tardis provide nationwide Portable Toilet Hire, Event Toilet Hire, Wet Waste Removal, Water Bowser, Bulk Water Storage, Septic Tank Emptying and Waste Tank Hire.

About TranSend Solutions Ltd
TranSend Solutions Ltd is a privately owned, UK company that develop and deploy mobile business applications to help companies monitor and manage their product and service delivery operations including the management of subcontractors and mobile field workers. Other wet waste clients include Severn Trent Water, Welsh Water and Wessex Water.

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