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In today's tough economic climate, all organisations are pushing harder to find cost savings. At the same time, many are under pressure to comply with the latest environmental legislation and reduce their carbon footprint. By focusing on energy efficiency you can do both: reduce your impact on the environment whilst also improving your bottom line. Our team of energy efficiency specialists is helping many organisations to do exactly that. Our experience has shown that most industrial, commercial and public sector organisations can reduce their energy consumption by between 10% and 30%. Typically, the investment to achieve those reductions will be paid back within just three years. Since making the initial investment can be a barrier for some, we help by offering financial as well as energy saving solutions. This means you can put in place energy efficiency measures without any upfront capital investment. With access to the largest portfolio of sustainable technology solutions in the world, Siemens is ideally positioned to maximise energy, cost and carbon reductions. But we are not simply looking for opportunities to supply our own products and technology; our primary goal is to identify all energy saving opportunities for our customers.


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Siemens Water Technologies Launches New Generation Of Water Quality Monitoring

·Siemens Water Technologies launches its Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor to deliver high resolution data for water quality across thousands of locations ·Remote solutions enable utility companies to take a proactive approach to water monitoring in their network and plan preventative action to minimise incidents

Siemens Water Technologies has extended its portfolio of leading water treatment products and solutions with the addition of Hydraclam®, an effective remote solution delivering high resolution data of water quality across the UK's water networks.

The Hydraclam® monitoring unit, enables water utilities to remotely access quality and timely data on water samples at thousands of locations. The innovative technology is installed in washout hydrant chambers and on fire hydrants, effectively enabling them to monitor quality from treatment facilities through to close to the point of use.

The solution is configurable to capture data at defined intervals and upload accurate information for turbidity and pressure with additional measured parameters temperature and chlorine residual available, and results are accessed via a web-based system. The solution incorporates trigger point technology to alert users when incidents, such as water discolourisation due to sediment build up, are likely to occur, meaning they can take preventative action.

This approach also enables companies to track and better understand patterns in issue occurrences, thereby helping them to identify and implement more long term measures to minimise them.

"While investment in the water industry has resulted in improved services for many customers, we understand utilities face mounting pressure to continuously meet regulatory responsibilities whilst driving customer service improvements. " says Aran Bray of Siemens Water Technologies. "When it comes to taking a proactive approach to closely monitor water quality to help companies meet these objectives, there simply hasn't been the level of technology needed to do so effectively."

"The development of the Hydraclam® solution is a major step forward for water monitoring technology, providing companies with key information on water quality at vital stages in their network. By equipping companies with this level of insight, they're able to detect problems and explore the suitable treatments before being alerted to issues by customers, " he added.

"Historically, many water companies have had to manually obtain samples to analyse quality at different stages and locations in their network. They can now proactively use the intelligence delivered remotely through the Hydraclam® system to develop more strategic plans and responses, so that they can deploy their team and resources more effectively. At Siemens Water Technologies, we're committed to developing proactive infrastructure management systems such as Hydraclam® and Chloroclam® to help companies meet industry challenges head on."

Siemens Water Technologies provides comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable services and treatments to meet the most rigorous demands in virtually any water application. The Hydraclam® solution has been developed in conjunction with the Salamander Group, and is produced under license in the UK.

For more information, visit www.siemens.com/Hydraclam

For further information please email Siemens plc

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