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Since 2003, Flood Control International has been Europe's leading flood protection specialist. We design, supply and install the largest range of flood barriers, flood gates, flood doors and flood proof glazing for commercial, utility and retail applications. Our installations are individually designed for flood depths up to 4.5m and can be automated to operate independently as required. We supply flood barriers, flood doors and floodgates globally from America to Australia and from Thailand to Saudi Arabia. From slot-in flood barriers to flip-up barriers, flood proof security doors to drop-down barriers we can meet your requirements. We also design and supply a range of contamination containment barriers to prevent water course pollution from chemical and oil spillages and fire fighting water run-off.


Director Tim Collingwood
Kilworthy Park

PL19 0FZ

Glass Floodwall Installation at Wells Next The Sea

Flood Control International and the Environment Agency have recently completed the Wells Floodboard Replacement Scheme, with the installation of a new 1m high glass floodwall.

The existing 80m long flood defence comprised a low brick wall and an 18m long sliding barrier which were both topped with heavy timber floodboards. These floodboards were installed in October and removed in April each year, to provide a raised level of defence for winter storms and to maintain views across the harbour in the summer.

The installation and removal of the boards was a time consuming task that disrupted the local area when the operation was undertaken. The boards were very heavy and the 6-monthly lifting operation contained inherent hazards for EA staff and the public. When installed the boards had a significant visual impact on the whole area.

Flood Control International worked closely with the Environment Agency's Technical Support Team to design a solution that would provide an effective flood defence to the area, whilst maintaining the view across the harbour permanently. The solution utilised marine grade stainless steel supports and frames that were designed to sit over the existing post fixings, and toughened glass panels up to 4.2 metres long and 1metre high, treated with a low friction coating to promote self-cleaning.

The design allows for impact loading as well as full hydrostatic pressure and is an excellent example of Flood Control International's ingenuity in providing dependable flood protection solutions that meet every specific aspect of a client's brief.

The glazed barrier sits on top of both the wall and the sliding barrier, with special posts fabricated so that when the sliding barrier is closed, there is a seamless watertight junction, completing the defence.
The smooth line of the barrier and the maximised glazed area mean that the end result is a most attractive solution, providing effective permanent flood protection with the minimal visual intrusion.

New glass floodwall affording year round views of the harbour

The Environment Agency considered the scheme 'a major improvement for the local area', and that it would represent 'a significant saving in time and safety for our EA field team members, as the scheme eliminates all future lifting operations.'

The installation was undertaken by the EA's own staff with Flood Control International technical representatives attending site to ensure the operation went smoothly and the project was completed on programme and to budget.

Flood Control International's Managing Director Tim Collingwood was particularly pleased with the outcome of the project. 'Our flexible design allowed us to re-utilise the existing fixings in the wall whilst creating a smooth line that enhances the visual amenity of the area. The new barrier provides permanent flood protection with minimal operational costs to maintain. Effective team-working and liaison with the Environment Agency staff allowed us to meet all of the project goals for both parties.'

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