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Steve Vick International


We are suppliers to the global utilities industry of products and services for the minimum-dig repair, replacement and decommissioning of underground pipes. We are the UK's leading producer of PE pipe coil trailers and pipe pushing machines used for sliplining and pipe insertion. We have developed patented techniques allowing the live insertion of gas mains and services as well as methods of flowstopping,sealing and decommissioning all types of pipe


Ms Katie Higgins
Treenwood Industrial Estate

Bradford on Avon
BA14 2AU

Steve Vick International Celebrates Its 30th Year In Business

It is thirty years since Steve Vick started the company which bears his name. In 1981 it was a one-man, one-woman band as Steve and his wife began assembling the specialist foam sealant kits which Steve had devised for use in the new trenchless gas main replacement techniques which were being developed by British Gas.

Now employing around 40 people with headquarters beside the River Avon in Bath, Steve Vick International has chalked up many 'firsts' in the intervening years and has expanded into other sectors such as water, telecommunications and nuclear decommissioning.

Milestones in the company's development have included being granted the exclusive, worldwide license by British Gas for the Live Gas Mains Insertion technique in 1984. Other 'firsts' have included developing the patented FOAMBAG™ method of abandoning disused pipes and introducing pipe coil trailers with a unique central drum design.

Today, Steve Vick is Chairman of the company he founded with Crock Harrison and Tony Day responsible for the day to day management of the company as Joint Managing Directors.

"I believe that one of the company's great strengths", says Steve, "and one which has ensured our success, is the ability to innovate and transform ideas into marketable products. As the dual pressures of cost and environmental implications of open trenching increase, underground repair and renewal of pipes is the preferred method of meeting renewal targets and our sealant products and associated equipment are key to many of the methods used, especially in the gas sector."

Board Members 2011-05-23

Expansion into water sector & nuclear decommissioning

Crock Harrison, who has worked for Steve Vick International since the 1980s, has been at the forefront of product development. Over three decades the company has worked closely with all current Gas Distribution Network Operators plus their predecessors Transco and British Gas.

Steady expansion has seen the company move into the water, electricity supply, telecommunications and civil engineering sectors supplying pipe sealing products, pipe handling equipment including coil trailers and pushing machines and a range of pipe cutting equipment. More recently, the company has been successful in developing and supplying specialist sealing techniques for abandoned pipes and voids used in nuclear decommissioning.

"We have always had strong customer support amongst water companies and their contractors for our pipe coil trailers," says Crock Harrison. "The fact that our 180 trailer can handle a 100 metre coil of 180mm SDR 17 PE is a bonus for water companies".

Steve Vick International has now added Keel cutters to its range of pipe handling equipment. These highly reliable machines are capable of automatically cutting pipes of all types including cast and ductile iron, steel, asbestos, concrete and PE with diameters up to 1500mm.

Another recent introduction has been the Pipe Handler. This piece of equipment is attached to an excavator arm to enable PE pipe to be gripped, handled and manoeuvred on site all from the safety of the cab. Replacement PE pipe can also be inserted into a host pipe using the hydraulic power of the excavator.

The patented FOAMBAG™ sytem for permanently sealing off pipes has been further developed for use in the waste water sector. The DRAINBLOCK™ bag is inserted from a remote access point and can be positioned, for example, at the point where a lateral drain or sewer meets the parent main. Once the resin foam in the bag has fully expanded, the bag aderes to the inner wall of the pipe to form a permanent plug. This technique has been further adapted with the High Integrity FOAMBAG™ for the nuclear decommissioning industry where pipes, ducts and voids are required to be remotely and permanently sealed off.

Steve Vick International operates a Special Contract Service with highly skilled technicians carrying out specialist procedures all over the UK and further afield. An increasing number of pipe abandonment, repair and sealing operations are now carried out in the water and civil engineering sectors as well as filling unwanted voids and ducts with resin foam or cementitious grouts.

So, 30 years on, what does the company see for the future? "Sean Noonan's appointment as our youngest board member", says Steve Vick, "is indicative of the forward-looking attitude of the business. We shall continue to build on our strong reputation for innovation, service and providing practical, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions for pipe renewal problems. Our focus will be on working with our customers to minimise their costs and maximise their success."

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