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Steve Vick International


We are suppliers to the global utilities industry of products and services for the minimum-dig repair, replacement and decommissioning of underground pipes. We are the UK's leading producer of PE pipe coil trailers and pipe pushing machines used for sliplining and pipe insertion. We have developed patented techniques allowing the live insertion of gas mains and services as well as methods of flowstopping,sealing and decommissioning all types of pipe


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RATBLOCK™ Stops Rats Passing Through Disused Drains And Sewers

Steve Vick International has recently gained WRc approval for RATBLOCK™, a new system developed by the company to provide an effective, permanent solution to the problem of vermin entering disused drains and sewers.

RATBLOCK™ works by permanently blocking off the entrance/exit to pipes. It comprises a self-actuating, expanding polyurethane foam sachet contained within a fabric bag which also incorporates two articulated steel plate membranes. Once the foam has expanded and cured, it provides a water, odour and gas tight seal within the pipe whilst the steel membranes move into place to prevent the passage of vermin.

The RATBLOCK™ bag is positioned in the abandoned pipe remotely - up to 20m away - avoiding the need to gain access to the drain from within the building.

RATBLOCK™ is an adaptation of Steve Vick International's well proven FOAMBAG™ system (patent No. GB 2157390B) which the company first designed in the 1980s for flow stopping pipes in the safety-critical gas industry.

The new system has been tested by WRc (Water Research Centre) and has been certificated as vermin proof as well as water and odour proof up to a 5m head (500mb) within 30 minutes of installation.

RATBLOCK™ is now available in the UK for permanently sealing off disused sewer or drain pipes to comply with UK Building Regulations Appendix H.

The system is ideal for use by Council contractors, water and sewerage companies, facilities management and maintenance teams in dealing with the troublesome problem of rats gaining access to buildings via disused rainwater drains, abandoned sewer laterals, relocated WCs and unwanted ducts.

Contract Service or available in kits
Steve Vick International offers RATBLOCK™ as a Special Contract Service carried out by its skilled technicians. Alternatively, RATBLOCK™ is available in convenient kit form for operators to carry out their own operations. Kits include the fabric bag fitted with articulated steel plate membranes (sized to fit the pipe being sealed), sufficient two-part expanding resin foam sealant in a ready-to-use sachet together with gloves and full instructions.

RATBLOCK™ can be installed from remote locations up to a distance of 20m from the point of sealing off. Longer distances can be achieved in consultation with Steve Vick International. Line of sight is not necessary as a standard CCTV camera system may be used to position RATBLOCK™. The RATBLOCK™ bag may also be installed using standard drainage rods or flexible rod reel systems.

The system can be used on most pipe materials including clay, concrete, PE and metal. It is a more effective solution than simply filling abandoned pipes with concrete and as RATBLOCK™ is positioned remotely, it allows laterals to be sealed off where they join the main.

The WRc Approved Scheme is a certification structure which provides an independent technical view on whether a product is "fit for purpose".

For further information please email Steve Vick International

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