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FOG Forum initiative

Hi all, my name is Martin Fairley, i work for ACO Technologies plc who specialise in surface water drainage. Also we manufacture grease separators, with the vast majority of our buisness on separators in Europe other than the UK and Eire. Most of our product is certified to BS EN 1825  - the only standard at the moment relating to FOG, i say most because we also manufature 'smaller' separators, non-1825 compliant, as do many other manufacturers in the UK, this is because FSE's (food Service establishments) have to fit them in the premises, quite often small businesses, who, lets face it, do not have a primary interst in grease separators - its a cost for them! Not only is it a cost they have to try to make sense of products offered to them in an industry whre little sound advice is available, no realistic performance standards, but a lot of marketing hyperbole.

I started a PhD at Cranfield University 2 years ago to look specifically at the FOG issue, there is now a few of us working on the topic there. We held a national conference in March and since then ive been very actively involved wuith establishing a forum of interested stakeholders to make progress on the topic, you can view the progress to date on: http://www.britishwater.co.uk/fogforum.aspx

Following the March conference we've held two others at British Water and the Department of business in July.
If you wish to be included on the information sent out, involved at all or just wish to comment on the stated objectives then do mail me: mfairley@aco.co.uk

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