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Manufacture of anaylsers suitable for on line measurement of water and waste-water measuring TOC (Total Organic Carbon), Nitrification Inhibition (Toxicity)& Ammonia (ammoniacal-nitrogen). UK representative for WTW, DKK & HF Scientific. Single and multiple paparmeter measurement, on-line and field portable. Parameters include turbidity, MLSS, ammonium, phosphate, nitrate, pH, D0, conductivity, Oil on water, oil in water and UV absorption. Also distribute for JUM manufacturing portable and fixed FID (Flame Ionisation Detectors) suitable for gasseous emmissions monitoring of VOC's with heated furnaces and transfer lines


Mr Steven Tuck
Bourne Enterprise Centre, Borough Green,

TN15 8DG

Microtol Turbidity instrument designed for turbidity measurement within water production processes

The HF microtol turbidity instrument is a nephlometric analyser suitable for continuous water quality measurement of the potable water process

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The microtol instrument is distributed in the UK by PPM and is an establish nephlometer used within water production to monitor the raw, filter and final water quality.

The instrument is available covering the measuring ranges 0-10.00; 0-100 and 0-1,000 NTU.

The simple, compact design is very easy to operate and maintain using a pressurised flow cell to reduce the effect of entrained air. An additional bubble rejecion system can be fitted but is not typically required.

Calibration is very simple. Stable primary standards can be inserted to complete a three point calibration. A single set can be used on multiple instruments and are valid for one year. 

The intregral tactile keypad allow for simple operator interaction.

Continuous ultrasonic cleaning is available on some models to minimse fouling on raw water.
Water consumption is low.

Installation is very simple and space requirement is minimal.

The microtol is a very competative instrument with low running costs.

This is why it is very popular with many installataions within Affinity Water and Welsh Water.


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