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Pipe Ltd


Pipe Ltd was incorporated in 1989 with the aim of specialising in the supply of pipework fabrication tools and equipment. In a short period of time, by offering consistently high quality products and services, we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers in our field. We now supply most, if not all, of the leading companies in the following industries... -Petrochemical -Offshore -Power Generation -Boiler Manufacture & Repair -Ship Building & Repair -Nuclear -Oil Refineries -Heat Exchanger Manufacture/Repair -General Fabrication -Chemical -Food & Dairy Production -Aerospace ...and many, many more. We have also established an effective worldwide distribution network. In the UK we aim to provide a next day service, particularly for equipment hire. In order to help maintain our high standards we have the latest ISO 9000 (2000) accreditation.


Unit L10 Telford Road,

OX26 4LD

Pipe Ltd

Pipe Ltd, established in 1989 are the uk's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist pipework fabrication tools and handling equipment for workshop or on-site environments.

Our range of portable precision pipe preparation/bevelling machines and portable pipe cutting equipment are used across the world in many industries including chemical, oil, gas and power generation.

We are also the world leader in the supply of our extensive range of pipestands, pipe handling and pipe e-z-fit and spider internal alignment clamps used for set-up in all types of pipework fabrication.

Pipe Ltd manufacture various models of i/d locking pipe bevelling machines ranging from ½" id up to 20" i/d. Along with various models of o/d mounted split frame clamshell pipe cutting and bevelling machines ranging from 1" up to 60" diameter pipe.

The bevelling and cutting machines in pipe ltd's range are capable of producing all of the standard weld preparations required, i.e. v-preps, j-preps and borematching on mild steel, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex and inconel wrapped pipes.

Pipe Ltd also manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of portable plate edge bevelling machines for the weld preparation of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and duplex plate. The latest addition to this range is the edge 46, using high speed tungsten carbide inserts the edge 46 is capable of producing up to 46mm bevels on 60mm plate, its speed and ease of set up makes it an unrivaled machine in the plate fabrication industry.

Purging solutions

For many years, pipe ltd has been supplying quality purging equipment for the testing of stainless steel pipework prior to welding. Earlier this year, pipe ltd became the UK's exclusive distiributor for the aquasol range of purging systems, including the e-z purge water soluble dam system and the e-z zone purging tape, Pipe Ltd are now perfectly situated to accommodate all the requirements of the stainless steel pipe fabrication industry.

In addition, Pipe Ltd also offer a comprehensive range of tube expanding and pulling equipment for the manufacture, reconditioning and refurbishment of heat exchangers, condensors & boilers.

Pipe Ltd also supply a range of tube to tube welding machines and tube to tubesheet welding machines.

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